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4 car accident myths revealed

If you were involved in a car accident for the first time, you may not be aware of the legal options available to you or the course of action you should take. Car accidents can be expensive. The car damage, medical bills and wage losses can add up. There are several car accident myths that...

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How to avoid getting into a motorcycle accident

Motorcyclists in the greater Omaha area are getting ready to hit the open road for the coming riding season. If you're just riding for the first time or are a seasoned motorcyclist, it's important to be reminded of some basic safety precautions. First, it's always critical that your bike gets inspected before hitting the road...

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How can an attorney help me if I sustained a facial injury in a crash?

The face is one of the most vulnerable parts of the body in a collision. Crash-related facial injuries often result in serious pain and require costly medical procedures (including surgery) to correct. In some cases, medical treatment isn't enough to prevent scars that can affect crash victims for life. How often do facial injuries occur...

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News stories about car crashes suggest victim was at fault

Car accident media coverage tends to suggest pedestrians and cyclists were at fault in crashes even if the driver was to blame, according to one study. A team of university researchers wrote a paper that examined how news articles assign blame in stories involving crashes with people walking and people riding bicycles. According to CityLab,...

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Repeat and high-risk DUI offenders are the leading culprits behind drunk driving fatalities

While statistics show that drunk driving fatalities have dropped by 48 percent since 1982, they still accounted for nearly one-third of all U.S. road deaths in 2018. Repeat DUI offenders and drivers with blood alcohol concentration (BAC) levels of at least 0.15 percent are the leading culprits, according to the Governors Highway Safety Administration (GHSA)....

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Winter Driving Safety Tips

Winter is just around the corner. So far, Nebraska has received its first round of snowfall for the season — resulting in several school and event cancellations. In conjunction with the Nebraska State Patrol, Nebraska Emergency Management Agency, and the National Weather Service, the Nebraska Department of Transportation (NDOT) has offered Nebraska drivers some tips...

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Who is impacted the most by distracted driving?

If you're like many seasoned drivers, the task of driving can seem automatic — sometimes to the point that drivers have no recollection of their daily commutes. In today's world, it's actually rare for motorists to give driving their full, undivided attention. Distraction impacts everyone to some degree, and even affects otherwise responsible drivers. There...

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