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Police Say Alcohol May Have Been a Factor in Tragic Omaha Intersection Accident

Five high school-aged students were inside an SUV recently involved in a tragic fatal car accident in Omaha. Police suspect alcohol and speeding may have played a role in the crash, which has sent shockwaves throughout the community. Omaha Public Schools recently confirmed that four of the teens in the crash have a connection with...

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Are zoom 'zombies' causing fatal crashes?

Car accident lawyers in Omaha reveal what drivers in Nebraska need to know about 'zoombies' It used to be mostly late-night shift workers and people with sleep disorders who were driving drowsy, fatigued, and unfocused. Now, a third group can be added to this list: “Zoom zombies.” A Zoom zombie, or “zoombie,” is someone who...

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Why you need an experienced lawyer after a truck accident

Truck accident cases are nothing like standard car accident cases. There are usually more insurance companies and parties involved, which makes it difficult to pursue damages. Due to the size and weight of large trucks, the damage they cause in a crash is often widespread and catastrophic. According to the Nebraska Department of Transportation: More...

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Who will pay for my surgery after a car or truck accident?

Car and truck accident victims often face mounting medical bills and other crash-related expenses. On top of that, injured crash victims often have to take time off from work or avoid certain activities during recovery. Some crash-related injuries are treated with nothing more than pain medication, rest, and rehabilitation. Not all injuries will heal without...

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What are the top tips to avoid drowsy driving?

Most drivers would admit they have occasionally felt drowsy behind the wheel. They might have even nodded off for a few seconds, an experience known as microsleep. Falling asleep behind the wheel, even for a moment, is extremely dangerous and can result in a serious car accident. Your safety – and the safety of others...

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