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Fatal Crash Highlights the Dangers of Omaha Intersection

One of these two car ran a red light, could it be they were texting?

A recent intersection accident in Omaha that resulted in three fatalities has residents wondering why state officials haven’t done more to prevent serious crashes at the infamous crossing, according to NBC 6 News in Omaha.

The deadly intersection is located where Highways 77 and 109 meet in Omaha. In late July, three siblings died in an accident when their vehicle was struck by a pickup truck while trying to cross six lanes of traffic.

Last September, a husband and wife died in a car accident at the same intersection while trying to cross Highway 77. Since then, residents have pleaded with state officials to make changes (including lowering the speed limit or installing a traffic signal) at the intersection to make it safer.

“Nothing was done,” said Wendy Mach, whose parents died in the accident last year. “Nothing was done from September to now. It’s very senseless.”

The Nebraska Department of Transportation conducted a traffic study at the intersection and determined there is nothing the state can do to make the intersection safer, officials said in an interview with News 6. Even so, residents have started a petition to have a traffic light installed at the intersection.

Intersection accidents in Nebraska

Intersection accidents are among the most common and most serious accidents. Each year, an estimated 50% of motor vehicle fatalities and injuries nationwide involve crashes that occur at or near an intersection, according to the Federal Highway Administration.

As for Nebraska, intersection accidents remain a serious problem as well. Statewide, 18,166 intersection accidents accounted for 49.5% of all accidents in Nebraska in 2019, according to statistics compiled by the Nebraska Department of Transportation. The most common type of intersection accident was a T-bone or broadside accident, which accounted for 41% (7,443) of all intersection accidents in Nebraska in 2019. Rear-end accidents (32%) and left-turn accidents (13%) were also common at intersections across the state that year.

This is why Nebraska transportation officials have made reducing intersection accidents one of the state’s top priorities.

“The Department of Transportation is constantly reviewing intersection operations to look for improvements that can be made,” the state’s 2019 annual Traffic Crash Facts report states.

How a lawyer can help when you've been injured

You might think you don’t need an attorney if you were injured in a crash that wasn't your fault. Unfortunately, injury claims involving car accidents often turn out to be complicated legal battles. Whether it’s a problem with the at-fault driver or the driver’s insurance company, having a lawyer in your corner can often make a dramatic difference in the outcome of your case. In fact, studies have shown that those who hire a car accident attorney receive an average of 3.5 times more compensation compared to those who don't.

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