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Traffic Study Confirms Dangers of Omaha Intersection

Damage car door after a collision.

A car accident attorney examines the issue

Local residents know too well about the traffic dangers in their Omaha neighborhood. The city’s traffic engineers agree. But can anything be done to prevent car accidents and make the area safer?

‘I think somebody hit the house again’

Annette Bland did not need a traffic study to know the corner of 20th and Grace streets, where she has lived for two decades, is a public health risk. She can hear – and feel – evidence of the dangers.

The latest incident occurred on Oct. 5, 2021, when a car allegedly ran a stop sign, causing two vehicles to crash into her house.

“I was preparing myself to get into the shower and I heard a big crash and the house, the whole house, shook, and so I said, ‘girl, what in the world is that?’ and my daughter said, ‘I think somebody hit the house again,’” Bland said in an interview with WOWT 6 News.

Speeding a frequent problem

Both Bland and her neighbor say vehicles for years have crashed into their homes or ended up in their front yards after car accidents. The latest crash was not news to the neighbor, who said her home was struck most recently about a year ago. “No, I wasn’t surprised, I wasn’t surprised at all,” she said.

Besides motorists running stop signs, the women said drivers frequently speed on the street and that blind spots pose a problem for drivers.

“We need speed bumps,” Bland said. “The street over, to the east of us, they have speed bumps. Why can’t we have speed bumps? It’s desperately needed. We, as residents, deserve it because we want our children to be safe.”

Can speed adjustments solve the problem?

Omaha’s city traffic engineer says a study by his office supports some of the observations of the two women. But, he said, the city can only do so much based on traffic statistics.

The traffic study shows the number of cars speeding through the intersection is too high. As a result, the city traffic engineer said the intersection qualifies for consideration of some type of speed adjustment. However, he also said the intersection does not get enough traffic or experience enough car accidents to qualify for traffic lights or all-way stop signs.

Where does this leave neighborhood residents? The engineer said they can petition his office to address the problematic intersection.

Crash victims should know their legal options

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