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What Clients Say About Ausman Law Firm, P.C., L.L.O.

When clients choose our firm to represent them, they are placing their trust in us. People who contact our office often face difficult circumstances. They've been hurt and need financial compensation to help them get through a tough time. It's a responsibility we take very seriously at Ausman Law Firm, P.C., L.L.O.

That's why we limit the number of cases we accept. This allows us to spend more time on each client's case so we can focus on getting the maximum amount of compensation possible. It's important to us to be able to help each client as much as we can.

Whether you've been injured in a car or truck crash, were a victim of medical malpractice, or were hurt in another type of personal injury accident, we can help you hold the negligent party responsible. You owe us no fees until we recover compensation for you. We serve clients in Nebraska and Iowa.

Read what other clients have said about their experience with us, and learn why you can trust us with your case. Then contact us for a free consultation.

Real Reviews From Real Clients

Michelle did a wonderful job with my case. I will refer clients to her.

—Julie J.

My attorney Michelle went above and beyond to assist me in every way possible and I will be eternally grateful forever. Michelle & Ciara have been a blessing in my life due to this horrible situation.

Michelle, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. Ciara, thanks for the listening ear. I truly, truly love & respect you both.

I would most definitely recommend this firm to friends and family in the future.

-Nicole W.

We are pleased. You can only get what you can get from insurance companies. Lots of people told us we were lucky.

-Leslie & Lara N.

Jason did an excellent job. I don't know if it can get any better!

-Sean M.

Jason and Dee kept me updated on everything and were very willing to answer my numerous questions. The office staff were also very friendly and relayed any messages I had. I also believe I can rely on Ausman Law Firm for any further issues regarding this case. Given the scenario, I believe my case ended with the best possible outcome due to the perseverance of Jason and Dee. Keep it up. THANKS!

-Johnathan L.

We were kindly treated, our questions discussed and answered, the procedure explained, the timetable explained. They replied to our phone calls and kept us up to date. Very professional at all visits and phone calls. Thank you for helping us get the car expense coverage. 

-Bessie W. 

Michelle and Jason make up an amazing, award-winning law firm. We were very comfortable around them. Michelle Epstein was approachable and kept us informed. We were happy with how they handled our case. Their office staff, including Cierra, were efficient and professional. Michelle was the best; she was very kind and dealt with all the technical and difficult people so that we did not have to. Thanks again!

-Timothy and Dixie G.

Michelle not only is very professional & knowledgeable with the legal process but she is kind, courteous and empathetic, working to do what is in her client's best interest during the whole process. Michelle worked to get the best possible outcome despite the time it took or difficulty of the matter.

-Jennifer R.

Very pleased with professionalism and compassion by every member of the staff that I dealt with. The case was handled very carefully and professionally. I was never confused about any part of the process. Everything was always explained in detail. Jason showed honest care and made sure the case was handled in a very timely manner. I cannot think of anything to improve from my experience. Thank you!

-Carolyn M.

Ausman Law took my case when no one else would. The outcome was not exactly what we were hoping for - but it was way better than the worst case scenario that could have happened!

-Tammy W.

Your team just kept working at it. You didn't give up on my case. Thank you very much!

-Leo Y.

You helped relieve the stress of the situation and were patient with my inexperience with this process. Settlement was fair and handled judiciously. Outcome was better than I expected, $90,000 from slip & fall & broken femur on wet salon floor will help handicap proof our home and savings for future medical. Keep up the good work. Thank you so much.

-AnneMarie L.

After a head-on collision with a pickup I found out that I had a broken wrist and would not be able to work for a while. I tried to figure out what I should do on my own. I was sure the insurance company would do the right thing. After several months of casting and finally surgery my wrist did not heal like the doctor thought it would. I had stay in a cast for several more months and still it had not healed.  My job was terminated and I was devastated. 

I decided I needed an attorney. I had planned to talk to several (right after my accident I was bombarded with letters from attorneys telling me they could help me), I looked at Jason's profile and decided to make an appointment. I never saw anyone else.  Right from the start he was honest with me and told me that he would work hard to settle the case and if not he would certainly be willing to go to court. 

The insurance company was hard to deal with - their offers remained very small. Jason filed a lawsuit and still the insurance company dragged their feet. It was becoming clear that we would have to go to court. Jason had taken depositions from the doctors and everything ready for trial.  I asked him to try one final attempt at negotiation before trial. He suggested mediation as a way to perhaps settle. The other parties agreed and neither of us had to accept the negotiated amount if we were unhappy. In the end we both were satisfied and settled the claim for $155,402.06. Jason also negotiated down the medical bills so that they shared in his fees.

Thank you very much, Jason.

-Shari F.

I believe you would tell someone, up front, whether or not they had a case. I also know you would actually try to get your client the best outcome and not just out to make a buck for yourself.

I am not a greedy person and my ankle is working pretty good. I believe everything happens for a reason. I am very happy with the level of professionalism you have shown me.

Keep doing what you're doing! Thank you for everything.

-Ron Garcia

I would like to take this time to say thank you for taking my case and helping me. I don't think I would have been able to do this without you guys and I'm glad I picked your firm to represent me. Thank you again.

-Albert L.

Ausman Law Firm has become an extension of our family. No one is prepared for tragedy - when it happens, people come out of the woodwork, sometimes to capitalize or advance their own strategies. Jason recognized the sensitivity of our situation, put our needs and wishes above anything else, and worked diligently and professionally to successfully resolve our case with expertise and empathy for all those involved.

Absolutely satisfied - not only with the monetary settlement, but equally important, with the timing. Allowing all involved parties to move on with life is often as important to resolution as a damage settlement.

-Carly and Eileen K.

Very professional and informative. Kept me up to date with the progress of my claim. Was settled in a very timely fashion.

-Melissa C.

Very professional and kind. Thank you!

-Lauran Conley

From the very beginning, I felt comfortable in trusting Jason and Dee with my case. They were thorough in explaining my case and so helpful in taking care of me. I believe my outcome exceeded what I had expected. I am very pleased with what I am walking way with and burden free. I sincerely found no flaws or anything needing improvement; I was 100% satisfied.

-Michelle C.

I believed that Jason was being truthful in discussing my claim, pros/cons of the situation. Overall considering everything, I think it went well.

-Frances C.

I would recommend family and friends because your office really shows that love and concern and your office treats us like family. I'm happy with my claim and case because your office took the time out of your days to help me fight in this case. I thank you for that.

-Antonio V.

You guys are amazing! Kept me informed and felt like you had my back! It was nice not to worry about anything.

-Andrea B.

Michelle helped me in every way possible with genuine empathy & integrity. I've never felt comfy with anyone like I did her. I've never had such an awesome outcome with an attorney. She treated me like a real person and almost like I was family. She helped me get a new lease on my life and gave me the help I needed to have justice.

I love Ausman Law Firm like my own family. Michelle & Jason are the very best around in the whole state! I love them!

-Audre S.

Absolutely I would recommend Ausman Law Firm. The staff were always professional and polite. I appreciated the immediate response to my emails and phone calls. I am happy that my claim was settled in mediation and did not go to court. You and your staff did a nice job representing me and handling my claim.

-S. Troutman

You're fair. Go get the most possible.

-Deborah Wolfe

Jason, Michelle and everyone at Ausman Law Firm consistently showed compassion and a genuine interest in me, my case, and achieving the best possible outcome. Their investment felt personal rather than financial, and I truly felt I had a team standing alongside me through the whole process. I do believe we reached the best possible outcome in this case.

-Laura Feilmeier

Outstanding service! I feel that the good outcome was definitely due to the hard work done by the firm. Keep doing what you are doing!

-Patricia G.

Jason was a pleasure to work with - always had my interests in mind. Was very thorough in all aspects of this case. I did not want to go to court unless absolutely necessary - this was a good outcome. Great staff, nice office and great location! Very professional without being too stuffy! Thanks, Jason!

-Nancy M.

Very professional but also personal. Truly cared about our situation, not just a paycheck. Exceeded anything we expected.

-Chris Haney

Jason was up front based on his experiences as to what the settlement may be or may not be. For this reason, Jason held the cost of litigation to a minimum while fighting for more money in the client's pocket upon settlement. Thank you Jason and team!

-James G.

They are awesome. Very helpful.

-Barbara M.

The Ausman Law Firm believes in fighting for their client and working to resolve their case. I am happy with the outcome; it has been a year of pain and financial struggle. I'm glad it's all over.

-Jamel McNair

They were very thorough in handling my case and went above my expectations. A great help to me when I really needed sound advice and counsel. I came out much better than I could have if I had to do it alone. After trying to work with the insurance company for 1 ½ years, it was a relief to have them take over.

-Martha M.

Excellent client care and ability to communicate my needs back to me. Michelle spent a lot of time ensuring I was understanding the case and she listened to my concerns. Thanks again!

-Stephanie H.

Jason and his team are amazing! They explained the process and represented professionally. We were very unsure of going forward with a lawsuit but Jason made us feel comfortable with the process! Thanks Jason!

-Randy & Sheli Fletcher

Great customer service, very helpful, highly recommend. I was referred by a friend of a friend and I feel lucky. Ausman Law Firm staff is very professional and friendly.

Ausman Law Firm represented my interests at the time when I could not do it by myself. They achieved the result I would never be able to achieve for myself. As my claim was processed, I took care of my toddler, a new baby, and a move to a new home.

Thank you very much! I am grateful for your excellent service.

-Olga P.

I would recommend Ausman Law Firm because Jason and his team work together and explain things well. Even when I got less than I expected, I was pleased with the outcome. I don't think you need to improve anything because you are very professional.

-Asuncion C.

Jason and his assistant Dee helped my dad with his motorcycle accident, and they were amazing. Jason kept us in the loop and moving forward. I can not thank them enough for all the help with Dad and his situation. If ever needed, I would definitely use them again! Highly recommend.

—Mel Y.

We are so lucky that we were referred to Ausman Law firm. We could tell right away that they cared about what we were going through. They were honest and helpful throughout the whole process. Ausman helped us secure a settlement and made sure that we knew we weren't alone.

—Rachel S.

It is hard to put into words the gratitude I feel towards Jason, Dee, and his team.  I have never been through the process of having a personal injury that would require legal representation.  I was physically injured, confused, and not sure how to take care of myself or my interests.  Jason and Dee provided me with the guidance and support I needed during this difficult time.  They took care of everything so I could focus on healing.

It is also hard to put into words the amount of respect I have for Jason, Dee, and his team.  They are genuine, hardworking people who care about their clients.  I never felt like I was just another number to them.  They always took the time to take calls, answer questions, and walk me through each step of the process so I knew what to expect. They knew my name and knew my case! I had the opportunity to see firsthand the difference in how claims and clients are handled by Ausman Law Firm and a larger competitor (who I will not name).  A close friend of mine was also in the same accident I was in and chose to go with a larger firm.  We often compared notes and she shared her frustration many times with lack of communication, not feeling as though she mattered and ultimately not being reimbursed adequately for her injuries.  These are things I NEVER experienced.

With that being said, I would HIGHLY recommend Ausman Law Firm to anyone who is looking for a personal injury lawyer!

—Lacy R.

I was so pleased with Jason Ausman and his wonderful Staff.I was always greeted and treated very kind. I was Very, Very Happy with the Outcome He and I were striving for.

—Toni W.

Jason and his staff are the best! I was always made to feel like I was a priority when speaking with Jason or one of the wonderful ladies in his office. It was an awesome client experience and I will definitely call them again when I need a good attorney!

—Renada B.

My Mother Passed away in 2017 and as a result a malpractice suit was filed which was resolved under Ausman Law Firm.  Although I can't discuss any details regarding the matter. I would highly recommend Jason if you need help, legal advice or an attorney in matters regarding malpractice.  He is simply the best of the Best and Truly cares about his clients well being!

—Christopher A.

I would highly recommend Ausman   Law Firm for any personal injury situation.... They handled my case beyond my expectations and the firm was on top of every item that arose....    Thank You!!!!

—Sean M.

I would recommend Jason and his staff.  They are super amazing and always willing to help.

—Jenny H.

Jason and Dee were a huge help to me as I navigated the aftermath of a recent serious injury.  Jason left no stone unturned in his investigation of my case, which resulted in what I thought was a fair settlement of the matter.  The team kept me informed every step of the way and handled all the details, so that I could concentrate on my medical recovery.  Jason and Dee were very supportive and caring and I would recommend them to anyone searching for professional legal assistance with a personal injury case.

L. and M. J.

Jason, Dee and everyone at Ausman Law are fabulous to work with. I would highly recommend them to anyone. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do for us!

—H. H.

Jason and Dee and the rest of the Ausman Law Firm team were great! They were super friendly, and answered my numerous amounts of questions regarding the case, and how to proceed afterwards. They were all super friendly also, and I know I can come back to them for any further questions I have regarding the case. Without using them, I'm fairly certain I would have ended up in a much worse situation.

I appreciate the friendly, polite, and professional team that was able to get my case resolved!

—Johnny L.

Ausman Law Firm has a friendly and knowledgeable staff.   I appreciate their professional approach and response time.

—Erica W.

We had the opportunity to work with Jason and the outstanding support staff at Ausman Law Firm during one of the most difficult times in our life. Their professionalism, empathy, support and hard work were amazing. They truly made us feel like we were the only clients they had every single time we interacted with any of them. I would highly recommend Jason if you should ever need the services he provides!

Jason, et al., thank you very much for everything you did for us! God Bless!

—Chris and Diana H.

We had a pretty perfect life until a distracted semi-truck driver plowed into my husband while he was headed to a job site for work. During the first few days of his hospitalization, it became obvious to me that we were going to need an attorney. Jason Ausman and Michelle Epstein took away the burden of dealing with 3 insurance companies so I could focus on my husband's surgeries rehabilitation. My husband has a TBI (traumatic brain injury) along with other physical ailments. He's now disabled. Jason and Michelle were with us every step of the way. Their guidance and reassurance helped me through the hardest years of our lives. Both Jason and Michelle fought hard for our family's best interest. Phone calls and emails were always returned even on the weekend! Both attorneys listened while I cried and took their time to explain the next step to me. We are blessed to have had Jason and Michelle on "our side" during such sad times. There will never be enough "thank you's" in all the world for Ausman Law.

—Cooper M.

I was in a car accident 4 years ago at the time. The insurance company was just running ya in circles. Jason was referred to us by a family friend, and I can honestly say I couldn’t of had a better experience. He listened. He genuinely cared about me, and my needs. He explained everything perfectly. Every step of the way. Although like everyone with a job, getting paid is ideal, but he honestly wasn’t in it for the money. He worried about me, and what I deserved. We ended up getting more money than expected by NOT going to trial (which I didn’t want to go, and he listened). I will recommend him until I am blue in the face. Also, I adore Dee. I have had the pleasure of working with her as well. She is also very easy to talk to, and makes you very comfortable.

—Erica A.

Jason is a wonderful person and a very talented attorney. He took care of all the legal and medical issues during and after my recovery. I would very highly recommend Jason and his firm to anyone.


Jason helped my dad with his motorcycle accident! He was so responsive and kept us in the loop on everything. I cannot thank him and his assistant Dee enough! 100% Recommend!

—Melissa Y.

Jason and the entire team at Ausman law were beyond amazing! They helped navigate 2 car wrecks and made sure every step of the way that my family was happy with the outcome of the settlement. They truly want YOUR happiness no matter what that looks like for the entire case. I would recommend them to every family member and friend in the Omaha or Lincoln area!

—Emily L.

Ausman law firm stood by me for 3 years. Fought for me like family. We were successful in getting justice and I can not express in words how grateful I am. I never for a minute doubted the team. Once again, thank you. May you continue to advocate for your clients because you do it so well and so very professional. Thank you very much.

—Hema C.

I was hit by a driver who turned in front of me in the middle of an intersection. I was in the hospital when the insurance companies started calling me with questions I couldn't answer, or cope with. A friend suggested I contact ALF. She used them from a referral also! Michelle and Cierra were not just professional, they were caring with a personal touch. They didn't treat me like just another client. I never had to wait on hold on a phone call. I was never told to call back. I was never brushed aside for any reason, at any time ever! They were more than attentive. They were polite, and genuine. Michelle and Cierra worked oh so quickly too! I was sure this would take at minimum a year’s time. They had my lawsuit settled in less than 7 months! Michelle fought hard for what she felt I deserved, and won! She changed my life! I am blessed beyond belief to not only have survived my car accident but to have also met such an amazing team of professionals who I now consider a  huge part of my life forever. I'm proud to be on their wall… makes me feel like family. Thank you for so much Ausman Law Firm! It's so nice to know there is a great team you can trust!

—Deb R.

Thank you for your service as we dealt with a difficult Auto Insurance Co to settle our claim and receive compensation for our damages.  My wife and I enjoyed the care and contact information as Jason and the staff helped us and advised us as the process continued thru the time it took to finish the work.

—Philip W.

I just would like to say thank you to Jason and his team. They kept me informed the whole process. They were very thorough with everything that needed to be done and I couldn't be happier. I'm very glad that they represented my daughter and me in court.

—Roxanne F.

Jason and team fought for me as though I was family. Am forever grateful for their work, Professionalism and good spirit ! May your team continue to be the best advocates for your clients!


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