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Fatal Accidents Caused by Red-Light Runners in Omaha, Nebraska

Drivers who speed up when a traffic light turns yellow, or ignore red lights altogether, wreak havoc on the roads in Nebraska. When drivers fail to stop and run a red light, other drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians can be seriously injured.   Fatality Rate Continues To Rise  The Drive reports that the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS),...

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Study Ranks Omaha No. 1 Nationwide for Dangerous Driving

You may have heard of the recklessness and aggression of drivers in urban areas like Boston, New York, Miami, Chicago, Oakland, and Los Angeles. But Omaha, Nebraska? How dangerous are Omaha roads? Insurance provider guide QuoteWizard ranked 75 cities on dangerous driving. Factors included speeding, distracted driving, drunk driving, and recklessness. And surprisingly, Omaha ranked No. 1...

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Worn or Defective Tires Increase Risk of Omaha Traffic Accidents

The American Automobile Association (AAA) is urging summer road trippers to check their tires for wear and tear. Driving with worn-out tires can increase your stopping distance by nearly 100 feet at highway speeds as compared to new tires. Additionally, the handling effectiveness of your vehicle decreases by 33 percent when driving with old tires....

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Working Toward Zero Road Deaths in Omaha

Today, perhaps more than ever before, Omaha drivers face potentially fatal hazards every time they get behind the wheel. Distracted driving is more pervasive than ever. America's opioid crisis has spread to the roads of Omaha, and drugged driving is now a threat on par with drunk driving. Under such conditions, the work of government...

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Hands-Free Devices Do Not Protect Omaha Road Users From Distracted Driving Accidents

Many Omaha drivers have been responsibly addressing the pervasive problem of distracted driving in Nebraska. Public awareness campaigns and advocacy efforts have brought much-needed attention to this important issue, and drivers are responding. Unfortunately, not all of the available countermeasures are actually effective in preventing distracted driving accidents. It is important for Omaha drivers to...

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Teen Driving Risks a Nebraska Safety Focus this Spring

Teen driving safety is in focus, with spring break upon us, graduation and the summer travel season right around the corner. Drive it Home is among the many organizations reminding teens about the dangers of unsafe driving decisions, included distracted driving and drunk driving. A recently posted survivor's story drives home the often catastrophic consequences...

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Omaha Trucking Accidents - Driver Shortage Creates Risk

The nationwide trucker shortage is increasing the risks of trucking accidents in Omaha due to the influx of inexperienced drivers. USA Today recently reported the trucker shortage is causing freight companies to offer bonuses of up to $8,000 as well as other incentives aimed at luring and retaining experienced commercial drivers. The American Trucking Association...

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What Omaha Drivers Need To Know About Black Ice

Icy roads are a common hazard for drivers braving cold Omaha winters. Black ice is an especially dangerous condition during the winter months. By learning more about this hazard, drivers can reduce their likelihood of being injured in an accident on black ice. When accidents do occur, it is important to seek legal advice. An...

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