Auto Accidents

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auto accident lawyerThe most frequent cause of injury to innocent victims is auto accidents, where the negligent and careless actions of other drivers can cause significant physical and emotional harm. Following an accident the first priority is making sure you receive necessary medical care for your injuries, and then contacting an auto accident lawyer who can evaluate any claim you or your passengers may have for damages. The Ausman Law Firm handles auto accident claims in Omaha and surrounding communities as well as Iowa and can ensure that your rights are protected when you are injured due to the fault of another person.

Negligent Driving and Damages to Victims

Too many auto accidents are caused by driver distractedness while texting or using a cellular phone in some way, and in some cases result from violating traffic laws or even aggression. In these instances, an injured party can pursue a claim based on driver negligence. If the other driver’s actions were the primary cause of the accident, the driver may be liable for your damages. Types of damages for which the other driver may be liable to you include:
• Medical bills you incur as a result of the accident
• Property damage to your vehicle and other belongings in the vehicle, such as child seats
• Future medical treatment you may need due to your injuries
• Lost wages and loss of future income
• Emotional trauma from the accident
• Pain and suffering due to your injuries

Your dedicated Omaha auto accident lawyer at Ausman Law Firm can include all damages that you may have suffered, and will work diligently so that you are fully compensated for your injuries. We know how insurance companies value claims and why they assign value to particular claims and not others. In the event that an insurance company is involved, our experience in the insurance industry will guide us in maximizing any damage award or settlement that you receive.

Evaluating Fault and the Amount of Compensation

Often, Bad Driver is 100% at fault for causing the accident, but sometimes two parties or more may be at fault. You may also be at fault to some degree. In both Nebraska and Iowa, auto accident damages can be allocated according to the degree of the fault of the drivers, so even if your actions may have contributed to the accident, you may still be able to recover damages. In this situation, damages can still be awarded but may be reduced by the degree that your actions contributed to the accident. Sometimes, a single accident may involve multiple parties who were at all fault to some degree. For this reason, it is essential to have an experienced auto accident attorney evaluate the accident, the fault of the various drivers, and present the facts that support your claim. Whether in a settlement negotiation or before a jury, the party at fault will be held accountable to other drivers for their careless and negligent actions.

If you live in Iowa or Nebraska, the Ausman Law Firm can be your dedicated auto accident lawyer for any auto accident settlement or potential lawsuit. Please contact us for a free consultation.