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A car accident is the last thing you want to become involved in when you get on the road. But no matter how safe a driver you are, you cannot guarantee the driving habits of others. Because of negligence, thousands of car accidents happen per year. If you were involved in a multi-car accident, the negligent parties need to be held accountable.

Our Omaha auto accident attorneys investigate each aspect of your accident and put the pieces together to show the entire picture of what happened. We can find out who the responsible parties are and hold them accountable. At Ausman Law Firm, P.C., L.L.O., we put your needs first.

Multi-vehicle accidents are avoidable

Multi-vehicle accidents come in many forms. They can be the result of rollover accidents, T-bone accidents, or rear-end accidents. All are the result of pure negligence. Drivers have a responsibility to monitor their own driving habits so the roads are safe for others traveling with them. Especially when on a highway or crowded city street, drivers need to pay attention at all times to their surroundings. Multi-vehicle accidents are often chain reactions that start with a simple cause, such as:

  • Rear-end accident
  • Rollover accident
  • Speeding
  • Driving under the influence of substances
  • Driving while distracted

Victims of accidents involving multiple vehicles often experience significant trauma, which takes time to heal and recover from. The physical, mental, and financial tolls on accident victims can be significant. That's why our law firm is dedicated to your rights and representation.

Who is at fault in a multi-car accident?

With so many contributing factors, it is often difficult to determine who is at fault in a multi-vehicle pileup. Often, there are multiple people at fault. Insurance companies try to use the confusion and complexity of multi-car crashes to blame others and avoid taking responsibility for your injuries. Our experienced multi-car pileup lawyers can build you a strong case for compensation that the insurance company cannot ignore.

How do you prove fault in a multi-vehicle accident?

In a multi-vehicle crash, you cannot assume that the rear driver is liable for your injuries. There may be another driver who is more at fault. Proving your case for maximum compensation relies on the correct identification of the at-fault driver or drivers, your lawyer’s negotiating skills, and the strength of your evidence. Our law firm leaves no stone unturned when collecting data for your multi-car accident case. If it helps your claim, we will gather phone records, witness statements, toll receipts, surveillance and dash cam video, medical and police reports, 911 call recordings, GPS data, expert testimony, and other critical information.

Types and causes of multi-vehicle accidents

Any time there are multiple vehicles on the road, there is the potential for a multi-vehicle accident. But there are circumstances that can make the chances of one occurring much higher. These include:

  • Rear-end accidents – Keeping space between vehicles is essential to safety. When one car rear-ends another, it can send others flying into each other.
  • Car can be pushed into another lane due to a collision, causing a secondary crash.
  • Cars stopped due to an accident or breakdown can be hit by a speeding car, and possibly hit others with the sheer force.
  • Intersection accidents – These may occur when one or more vehicles fail to yield the right of way or attempt to run a red light. A negligent driver collides with a responsible motorist. Additional vehicles may then become involved in the crash as other drivers, who are unaware of the problem, proceed into the intersection. Further accidents may occur as motorists attempt to drive around the crash.

Multi-vehicle accidents have so many variables that play into how they happen, that it can be difficult to pin down just one. Common contributors to these accidents – like inclement weather – mean that drivers should be paying extra attention to the road, and nothing else. Driving without regard for others is negligent, reckless behavior.

We represent the rights of the injured

When you're involved in a multi-vehicle accident, you want to be sure that you have the representation you need to get the results you deserve. Contact us today for a free consultation, and start your journey to recovery with competent representation on your side. The attorneys at our firm are dedicated to your cause and will represent your case with confidence and years of experience behind them.

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