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While some jobs are more dangerous than others, anyone can be involved in a workplace accident. If you've been hurt on the job, you deserve to be compensated for your injuries. The Omaha workplace accident lawyers at Ausman Law Firm, P.C., L.L.O. fight for injured workers in Nebraska and Iowa.

Both states have workers' compensation laws designed to pay for job-related injuries and illnesses. You are eligible to file a claim for benefits no matter who was at fault for your accident and whether or not there was any negligence. While you don't need a lawyer to file a workers' compensation claim, it is in your best interests to have one.

Our experienced attorneys have recovered millions for injured workers. While past victories are no guarantee of future success, our case results include:

  • A six-figure recovery for an injured worker following a trial award of permanent total disability.
  • A workers’ compensation trial award of permanent and total disability for a worker with a low back injury.
  • A workers’ compensation trial award of permanent and total disability for a woman with reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD)/chronic regional pain syndrome (CRPS).

Never settle for less

As with any other type of injury claim, your employer and their insurance company will likely try to pay as little as possible. They may claim your injury didn't occur at work. They may dispute the extent of your injury or the treatment it requires. An employer or insurance company may also claim you are ready to return to work, even though you are still recovering.

We can help prove the true nature of your injury and the treatment it requires so that you get all the compensation you are eligible to receive. You may be eligible to seek benefits under workers' compensation law for various injury-related expenses, including:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost income (based on a percentage of your average weekly wage)
  • Disability benefits
  • Vocational rehabilitation (if you can't return to the same job)

We'll make sure your doctor has all the information needed to make a determination about your injury. (In Iowa, your employer has the right to choose the doctor who will treat your injury. In Nebraska, injured workers can choose their own doctor.)

And if you don't receive the benefits you should receive, we will represent you in all hearings and appeals.

Common workplace accidents

Some of the common ways for an employee to be injured in an accident at work include:

  • Construction Accidents. Construction workers and skilled tradesmen are at an elevated risk of falling from heights like scaffolding or ladders, being struck by heavy objects like falling debris, or getting caught in machinery.
  • Manufacturing or Food Processing Plant Accidents. Common types of plant accidents include slipping and falling on wet surfaces in areas where liquids or food waste have spilled, sustaining burns from hot equipment like ovens or fryers, or experiencing injuries caused by malfunctioning machinery such as conveyors or slicers.
  • Malfunctioning Machinery Accidents. Whether due to defective parts, lack of maintenance, or human error, malfunctioning or defective machinery accidents can cause debilitating injuries. Workers may become caught in unguarded or faulty equipment, get entangled in conveyor belts or rotating parts, or be struck by malfunctioning tools or heavy machinery.
  • Slip and Falls. Uneven surfaces, stairways, slippery floors, falls from ladders or scaffolding, or falls due to inadequate fall protection measures are some of the most common factors in work-related slip and fall accidents. Falls are serious and often result in fractures, sprains, head injuries, or other serious harm. They can also be fatal.
  • Struck By, Crushed, or Caught By Equipment Accidents. Accidents involving being struck by equipment, crushing, and being caught by equipment can occur in various work environments, such as construction sites, manufacturing facilities, or warehouses.
  • Commercial Truck Accidents and Delivery Van Collisions. Car accidents happen on the job during all types of work-related transportation activities like driving company vehicles, operating heavy machinery, or commuting between work locations.
  • Fires and Explosions. High risk sectors include chemical manufacturing, oil refineries, and industrial processing plants.
  • Agriculture and Farm Accidents. Examples include machinery-related accidents like entanglement in farm equipment or overturning of tractors, injuries caused by handling livestock or working with animals, exposure to harmful pesticides or chemicals without proper protective measures, or incidents involving falls.

These are just a few examples from the wide variety of on-the-job accident cases that our law firm handles. We also provide strong legal representation and compassionate guidance in cases involving fatal workplace accidents.

Holding Third Parties Responsible

If the negligence of a third party caused your workplace accident, we can help you take legal action by filing a personal injury claim. Examples of a third party include vendors, contractors, other drivers on the road and manufacturers of defective equipment.

The insurance company representing a third party may deny all responsibility. Our firm will conduct our own investigation of your accident to find evidence of negligence. We will build a strong case that proves that negligence caused your injury.

Often, we are able to negotiate a favorable settlement with the insurance company. But if the insurance company won't settle, we won't hesitate to take them to court. We love to litigate, and have won victories for our clients to help them rebuild their lives.

If you've been injured in a workplace accident, contact us for a free consultation on your claim. We can explain the workers' compensation process and whether you have a third-party negligence case. Our goal is to get you maximum compensation for your injury.

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