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Worn or Defective Tires Increase Risk of Omaha Traffic Accidents

Omaha auto accident attorneyThe American Automobile Association (AAA) is urging summer road trippers to check their tires for wear and tear.

Driving with worn-out tires can increase your stopping distance by nearly 100 feet at highway speeds as compared to new tires. Additionally, the handling effectiveness of your vehicle decreases by 33 percent when driving with old tires. AAA reports almost 800,000 traffic collisions occur each year when motorists drive on wet roads with old tires.

Omaha injury attorneys have seen a significant number of traffic collision cases involving worn or defective tires. However, rain is far from the only road risk. Snow and ice are obvious risks, but so too are hot road surfaces during the summer. In fact, high temperatures and road heat can be ruinous for older tires. Defective tires also play a part in many road accidents, as do re-treads and used commercial tires that truckers often purchase to save money.

Tire Safety for Nebraska Motorists

AAA noted that newer vehicles often allow for many more miles before routine service and maintenance is performed, which gives mechanics fewer chances to inspect tires and motorists higher risks of being on the road with old or damaged tires. Motorists are also urged to be prepared for road-side emergencies, including the possibility of getting a flat tire. In a separate report, titled Spare Me, AAA noted nearly one-third of vehicles are traveling without a spare tire.

Safe tire tips include:

  • Check your tire pressure at least once per month. Over-inflation and under-inflation are the most common tire risks. Improperly inflated tires will wear faster, may be more prone to explosion in hot travel conditions, and reduce fuel mileage.
  • Erratic tread wear and tread separation are sure signs your tire needs to be replaced. These are warning signs that should not be ignored. Tires often wear along the edges. Proper tire rotation (according to the manufacturer's schedule) makes for a safer tire and increases tire life.
  • Bulges or raised sidewalls are a tire emergency and typically mean a belt has separated inside the tire. Immediate service is required.

Liability in Dangerous or Defective Tire Accidents

We are alert to the issue of dangerous or defective tires when investigating the causes of a serious or fatal traffic collision. Many drivers give little thought to their tires. But dangerous and defective tires have resulted in numerous product liability lawsuits against tire and auto manufacturers. It's not necessary in such cases to prove a company was negligent. The law requires plaintiff prove only that the tire was defective and contributed to or caused a loved one's injury or death.

Nebraska negligence law Code Section 25-21, 185.07 to 25-21, 185.12 may allow pursuit of damages against other parties, such as an at-fault driver. The law puts the burden of proof upon the plaintiff and requires proof of a number of elements: that defendant owed and breached a duty of care, that breach was a cause of injury, and that the plaintiff suffered damages.

In the event that you've been injured in an auto accident, contact Ausman Law Firm P.C., L.L.O. to discuss your options.

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