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Omaha Attorneys Discuss Dangers of Improperly Secured Wheels

Omaha auto accident attorneyThe wheels of a vehicle have constant, continual contact with the road. They spin at dizzying speeds, sometimes for hours on end. As a result, they bear the brunt of every mile we travel.  

They plow through rain, mud and snow, and are all too often taken down by daily wear and tear or stray debris on the road. And if a wheel is not placed on a vehicle correctly, the result could be an accident that leaves people seriously hurt. 

Why wheel runoffs are so dangerous 

wheel runoff crash is an accident caused by a wheel unexpectedly detaching from a vehicle. A wheel can fly off due to improper or delayed maintenance. Manufacturing defects can also be a cause.  

Once a wheel detaches, several things can happen:  

  • The vehicle with a detached wheel can end up in a collision. 
  • The wheel can hit other road users. 
  • The wheel can cause a traffic obstruction, resulting in a crash. 

To prevent an accident, it is vitally important that wheels are placed on a car and secured correctly. For example, if a lug nut is over-torqued (too tight) or under-torqued (too loose), that can lead to a wheel falling off.  

What to do if you're involved in a wheel runoff accident

If your wheel comes off your car while you are driving, don't panic! Keep a steady grip on the wheel, turn on your hazard lights, and carefully guide your car off to the side of the road. Once you are at a safe distance from the rest of traffic, then you can get out and inspect the damage. 

If you are driving on the road and the wheel of another car detaches and makes contact with your vehicle, pull off to the side of the road immediately. Call the police and file an accident report. Then speak to an experienced auto accident attorney 

The dedicated legal team at Ausman Law Firm has been helping injured people in Omaha for more than ten years. After an accident, insurance companies will do anything to avoid helping those who were injured get back on their feet. We know their tricks. We can beat them at their own game. If you were injured, don't wait. Contact us today for a free consultation with a car accident attorney. 

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