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Are Omaha Drivers Becoming Too Reliant On Safety Technology?

Omaha auto accident attorneysThe automotive industry is revolutionizing safety technology with new features that have the potential to reduce traffic accidents significantly. 

Many Omaha drivers purchasing new vehicles will have the luxury of using these safety features. However, it's important that drivers understand the risks associated with emerging safety technology. 

Weighing the pros and cons of safety technology

According to the American Automobile Association (AAA), when drivers purchase new vehicles that come with advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), they may not weigh the pros and cons or consider the limitations.  

ADAS features include:  

  • Blind spot monitoring systems: These systems alert drivers of other vehicles in their blind spots.  
  • Forward collision warning: When a potential collision hazard approaches, forward collision warning alerts drivers to stop.  
  • Lane keeping assist: If a driver begins veering off the road, this feature will alert them. 

AAA also reports that these features can prevent more than 2.7 million crashes, 1.1 million injuries, and nearly 9,500 road deaths per year. However, if you think these features are reliable all the time, you might be wrong. If drivers are unprepared for a glitch in ADAS, their lack of attentiveness could result in a crash. 

When distracted driving becomes a factor

According to a survey conducted by researchers at the University of Iowa, drivers of vehicles manufactured in 2016 and 2017 were shockingly unaware of the limitations of these safety features.  

  • 80 percent weren't aware of the limitations of blind spot monitoring, which may not detect bicyclists, pedestrians, or fast-moving vehicles. 
  • Almost 40 percent weren't aware of the limitations of forward collision warning and automatic emergency braking features. Additionally, one in six drivers surveyed weren't sure if their vehicles came with these features. 
  • 25 percent relied enough on blind spot monitoring, rear cross traffic alert, forward collision warning, or lane departure systems to take their attention off the road. 

The Uber accident that killed a pedestrian in Phoenix, Arizona earlier this year is an example of how dangerous it is to rely on vehicle safety technology. 

While these safety features can go a long way at preventing auto accidents, drivers must still be fully engaged and attentive. Their failure to do so could put other Omaha road users at risk.  

In the event that you or a loved one is injured in a crash caused by a distracted driver, you may be entitled to compensation for any injuries or financial losses associated with your crash. Contact our law firm today to discuss your options. 

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