My first attorney dropped my case – told me my vehicle did not have enough damage to it for a jury to believe I was injured in the car accident. We didn’t know if we should even pursue the case any further at that point. We decided to hire Jason and got a settlement for $125,000.00, without ever having to go to court.
Jim B.

I sold various furniture, fixtures and equipment for use in a restaurant. When I wasn’t paid, I had no choice but to file suit. Jason took my case to trial before a jury. He was organized and well prepared. When the jury came back, they gave us everything we had asked for.
Yves M.

It seemed like every time I turned around, the insurance company gave me another excuse for denying my workers’ compensation claim. I hired Jason to represent me and received a $60,000.00 settlement. Thank you, Jason.
Stuart M.

I was injured on the job, and didn’t know what to do. My injuries prevented me from returning to work in the same position I had before my accident. I was told that I needed to come back to work in a different position, even though that position paid around 50% less than what I was making before I got hurt! Jason hired a vocational counselor, took my case to court, and the judge awarded me the opportunity to go back to school to get training in a different field that accommodated my injuries and paid me wages comparable to what I was making before my accident. Now, I’m on my way to earning a 4-year accounting degree, and workers’ compensation is paying me for it.
Robert D.

At first, I wasn’t sure if I even needed – or wanted – a lawyer. I had not been through this process before, and was quite skeptical. I felt very comfortable talking with Jason. He helped me through a very difficult time. I feel like he had my best interests at heart.
Bill D.

Before you became involved in my claim, the insurance company did not come close to providing me with fair compensation. After I hired you, not only did the insurance company provide fair compensation, but you were also successful in negotiating down some of the medical bills I had to pay back. Thank you.
Donna M.

I would recommend Ausman Law Firm to anyone because they are awesome and very helpful. They helped me with my workers’ compensation claim after I was injured at work. I was able to resolve my claim and move on with my life.
Barb M.
Omaha, Nebraska

After discussing my situation with a well known Omaha attorney who felt I would not have a very good case to work with, I contacted the Ausman Law Firm. Michelle Epstein listened to my concerns about what I had been through and said I would have a good case to work with. I did not know what to expect since I had never been involved in a lawsuit. Michelle was very concise; everything was explained very clearly; and everything worked out better than expected. I am so glad I contacted Ausman Law Firm. I would recommend Ausman Law Firm to my friends and family.
David W.
Fremont, Nebraksa

I would recommend Ausman Law Firm to friends and family. They have excellent client care and ability to communicate my needs back to me. Michelle spent a lot of time ensuring I was understanding the case and she listened to my concerns. I am very happy with the outcome of my case.
Stephanie H.
Omaha, Nebraska