Product Liability

If You Have Experienced an Injury Due to a Faulty Product, Contact Our Product Liability Attorney.

product liability attorneyConsumers need to rely on the safety of products in the marketplace, and should not be unnecessarily exposed to injuries from the products that they use. If an injury occurs, a product liability lawyer can construct a claim for damages that result from any defects or flaws in the product. Having a background in the insurance industry coupled with sound legal advocacy allows the product liability lawyers of Ausman Law Firm to protect the interests of their clients in Nebraska and Iowa.

A case for product liability will be premised on one or more elements to demonstrate that a danger was created for the consumer. If a product has a defect in design or manufacture, or did not carry clear warnings, then a claim for product liability may be proven against the manufacturer for injuries.

Defective Designs

At times a product is designed in a way that is inherently dangerous, such as where there was insufficient care taken in the design process. For example, a vehicle designed with a high center of gravity may be prone to rollovers, and if the manufacturer could have foreseen this kind of accident it may be liable for resulting injuries to consumers.

Defective Manufacturing Processes

Unfortunately many products are made in the least expensive way possible, which could lead to hazardous manufacturing defects. If a company offers a dangerous product using a strategy of cost-cutting or quick production, then it can be held accountable for damages that may result.

Failure to Warn of Hazards

Some products have a danger that cannot be avoided if misused by the consumer. In this case, the manufacturer has a duty to warn the user of potential hazards and give clear instructions on the proper use of the product. A good example of this is a prescription drug that is designed and manufactured for a specific purpose, but if misused could cause injury. Failure to warn of possible side effects, instruct on recommended dosage and restrictions on use, could form the basis for a product liability claim.

Compensation and Special Damage Awards

As with other personal injury claims, product liability cases can award compensation to victims for medical costs, loss of income, emotional distress and pain and suffering. Defective products can cause significant injuries that interfere with one’s future and ability to enjoy life. For this reason, it is essential to hire a product liability lawyer who understands the full scope of potential damage awards, the role of insurance companies and how to prepare a case for trial if necessary.

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