Wrongful Death

Our Omaha Wrongful Death Lawyers Serve All Surrounding Areas in Nebraska and Iowa.

omaha wrongful death lawyersThe loss of a loved one from an accident is a tragedy that is difficult to overcome, and can have far reaching personal and financial consequences. Ausman Law Firm understands this impact and offers you qualified Omaha Nebraska wrongful death lawyers to find a remedy for your loss and suffering.

If a fatality is caused by the careless actions of another person, then you may have a wrongful death claim for compensation from the party at fault. We can handle any case in the surrounding communities of Nebraska and Iowa, and know how evaluate and present your case for damages.

Wrongful Death Actions

A wrongful death claim can arise from a number of personal injury areas where negligence is established as the cause of a fatality. These types of cases include:
• Medical Malpractice
• Automobile Accidents
• Product Liability

All of these personal injury areas can cause serious injury, and if there is a resulting death then the family members and dependents of the deceased may file a lawsuit to compensate for their losses. Many damage awards are premised on financial losses, but there are other types of loss deserving of compensation from the party at fault.

Compensation for Damages

The wrongful death lawyers at Ausman Law Firm have the background in personal injury law and the insurance industry to present your claim for damages. We understand how insurance companies value this type of claim and what factors will be considered in assessing the losses. There are a few primary areas for compensation in a wrongful death suit:
• Loss of financial support for the family and dependents
• Loss of personal companionship
• Funeral expenses
• Compensation for the deceased’s pre-death pain and suffering
• Medical Expenses incurred by the deceased prior to death

Of course, none of these damage awards can replace the loss of a family member. However, wrongful death awards are designed to allow families to regain a normal life and that begins with restoring financial stability. Even if the party at fault did not intend to cause a fatality, they will still bear the burden of compensating losses that resulted from their actions. We will not allow an insurance company to deny or minimize your right to compensation, and if necessary will litigate your case in court to seek a just amount for your losses.

The Omaha wrongful death lawyers at Ausman Law Firm can be at your side during this difficult time and will give you the quality legal representation that you deserve. Please contact us for a free consultation so that we may begin to assist you right away.