Workers’ Compensation

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council bluffs workers compensation attorneyIf you are looking for an Omaha or Council Bluffs workers’ compensation attorney, then the Ausman Law Firm can represent you for any job related injuries. There are differences in the workers’ compensation law between Iowa and Nebraska, and our attorneys have the knowledge to assist anyone that lives in the adjacent communities of both states

Workers’ compensation provides payment for job related injuries and illnesses that cause a worker to seek medical care or miss work for a period of time. The employer or its insurance company pays those costs, and it is not necessary to establish fault or negligence to make a claim. The types of claims and payments are defined by state statute and depend on the extent of the injury and whether the victim is able to work.

Types of Benefits Available to Injured Workers

The primary type of benefit is for medical expenses resulting from the injury. As long as the care is medically necessary, the benefit will cover those costs. In Council Bluffs and other Iowa communities, the employer has the right to choose the doctor for an injured worker’s treatment. Nebraska law allows workers to choose their own primary treating physician.

Both states allow for weekly income benefits to be paid while healing and recovering from the injury. The amount of the weekly benefit differs from person to person and is based upon a percentage of your “average weekly wage” before the injury. There are minimum and maximum limits on the weekly payments. There are different types of weekly benefits which can be paid depending on the nature of you injury, your ability to work, whether your injury is temporary or permanent, whether your disability is partial or total, and whether you must seek different employment due to your injury. You may also be entitled to vocational rehabilitation.

Workers Compensation Claims and Disputes

There are many areas which may create disputes in workers’ compensation claims. Your employer may not believe that your injury was caused at work and may refuse to pay accident-related medical bills. Even if your employer agrees that your injury happened at work, it may dispute the nature and extent of your injuries. Your employer may disagree with your ability to work after the accident. A workers’ compensation attorney can help you navigate the many aspects of a workers’ compensation injury including the nature and extent of your injuries, your ability to return to work, and the extent of your disability pursuant to Nebraska or Iowa law.

The Ausman Law Firm can be your Omaha and Council Bluffs workers compensation attorney to help you receive the full amount to which you are entitled for your job related injuries and lost income. Ausman Law Firm represents clients in the Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Court and before the Iowa Workers’ Compensation Commissioner. Please contact us today for a free consultation.