Motorcycle Accidents

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motorcycle accident lawyerA motorcycle accident can have devastating effects for a rider who is in a vulnerable position on the roadway. A lawyer with a background in motorcycle accidents can assist in determining the cause of the accident and identifying potential parties at fault. The Ausman Law Firm serves Omaha, Council Bluffs and surrounding communities in Nebraska and Iowa, and is prepared to be your lawyer in any claim from a motorcycle accident.

Vehicle Drivers Owe a Standard of Care to Motorcycles

Many drivers disregard motorcycles on the road, or do not consider the potential for catastrophic injury if they cause an accident. For a motorcycle rider or passenger, the careless or aggressive actions of a vehicle driver can bring life-changing damages. The driver of a vehicle should realize that a motorcycle has the right to be on the highway, and needs to be given adequate right of way and safety margins. Failure to exercise reasonable care will expose the driver of a vehicle to liability if the driver’s negligence causes injury to a motorcycle driver or passenger.

Types of Compensation for Negligence

If a vehicle driver was negligent and caused a motorcycle accident, the rider may present a claim to an insurance company or file a lawsuit for damages suffered. The injuries can be especially severe if the rider was struck directly by the car or truck, and could result in disability or long-term medical complications. Damage awards in a motorcycle accident can include:
• Hospitalization and surgery costs
• Rehabilitation and physical therapy costs
• Lost wages and loss of future income
• Compensation for permanent injuries
• Compensation for Pain and suffering
• Compensation for humiliation and inconvenience

Even if the vehicle driver did not intend to cause the accident, an argument for negligence will be made if their lack of care caused these types of damages to the rider. Claims may be presented to insurance companies or through a lawsuit, and in either case the Ausman Law firm has the seasoned attorneys to demonstrate fault and prove your entitlement to compensation for your injuries. Even if an unprotected rider contributes in some way to the accident, that fact will not completely relieve a reckless vehicle driver of responsibility. Both Nebraska and Iowa law require damages to be awarded according to degree of fault of all drivers involved in an accident, to ensure a fair percentage is paid to accident victims.

With our experience in the insurance industry, we know how to present your claims using the legal and factual bases insurance companies require to assign value to your claim. We understand the personal and financial cost of a motorcycle accident and are prepared to advocate for your right to a recovery of damages if a trial is necessary. If you would like a dedicated motorcycle accident lawyer from Ausman Law Firm to represent you, contact us for a free consultation today.